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We're Open (And I am suffering)

Hey Friends,

Did you miss me? It's been a while since Mom let me out of my room to type. I have to honest, I am not sure what I think of this "sewing store business." I was so excited to meet everyone, I can barely sleep, only 19 hours a night...

  ...then Mom and the Chris drag me into work, where I am banished to the tech room, where I can't sniff or lick anyone! Do I look like I can service machines? Although, I do get to hang out with the Chris. He pets me, takes me to poop and rubs my belly <3.

Anyway, during those very brief moments between naps when I manage to escape to the showroom floor, I have really enjoyed sniffing, licking and jumping on you. A rumor going around is that I am not allowed to roam free because the mailman is afraid of me. I. Don't. Believe. It.

However, I did scare a plumber, but then he rubbed my belly and we became fast friends.

I am writing today to tell you that that I tried my very first BERNINA. Yes, an English Bulldog like me, Camilla Barker Bowles can sew.  Mom and Other Amy propped me up while Actual Amy gave me some words of encouragement (and a treat). So if they can teach a young dog like me some new tricks, they sure as shoot will be able to teach you, donthcha think?  

Sign up today for some FREE BERNINA Owner's Classes.  They are free. And by free, Mom says they are really free - to anyone who purchased a BERNINA or bernette before November 1, 2019. 

Can't wait to sniff ya,