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BERNINA Owner’s Classes

These 2-hour classes are FREE to anyone who purchases a BERNINA from BERNINA of Naperville or already owns a BERNINA purchased before November 1, 2019.

Sewing Track:

ALL BERNINA and bernette Machines.

Intro to Your Machine – In this class you will learn the basics of operating your machine, maintaining it and troubleshooting tension.

Threading a 4, 5 and 7 Series BERNINA:

Oiling and Cleaning Your BERNINA 4, 5, and 7 Series BERNINA:

Using Needle Up/Down on your BERNINA:

How to use the BERNINA and bernette Needle Threaders:

Introduction to your BERNINA 4, 5 and 7 Series Machines:

Introduction to your BERNINA 3 Series BERNINA:

Introduction to your bernette Sew&go, b33 and b35:


Off The Edge - Sewing scallops and decorative touches has never been "sew" easy. You'll make several samples using different stitches to find your favorite technique.


Zippers – Invisible, lap, centered and bag are all going to be in your vocabulary after this course. $10 kit fee required for this class.

Centered Zipper:

Gather It Up and Tuck It Down – Ruffles, gathering and pintucks are the focus of this class. And now, this isn’t just for fussy heirloom sewing.


Quilting with BERNINA Domestic Sewing Machines - Machine Quilting created on your domestic sewing machine. We will cover the BERNINA Stitch Regulator, RulerWork and the detachable Walking Foot.


Applique with BERNINA - Learn all of the ways that your projects can be enhanced with Applique: Invisible, Blanket, Satin, Reversible and Raw.


BERNINA Binding 3 Easy Ways - Whether you use this technique for a t-shirt collar, Hong Kong seam finish or a fun and festive bunting, you are sure to use these techniques on future projects once you see how easy it is. We will cover the BERNINA Binding Attachments, the #71 Flat Fell Foot, #10 Edge Stitch Foot and numerous helpful threads and notions.


Buttonholes – Simple to extravagant, there’s more ways than we can name to make a buttonhole. Part lecture, part hands-on. It’s fun, we promise.


Directional Dynamics – Sew in sixteen different directions without rotating your work. It’s like magic.


Programming Pizzaz - Your BERNINA 4, 5, 7 and 8 Series machines can do way more than you think, AND you can adjust them to read your minds (well, maybe not exactly), but pretty close. This second hour of class covers programming the embroidery portion, so those of you interested in embroidery are welcome to stay, but if you do now have that feature, class will only be one-hour in length.

Basic Seams and Hems BERNINA machines can do the basic alterations your friends and family expect. Let’s learn the basic seams and hem techniques as well as some fun ones.

Miscellaneous Magic – Mock drawn threadwork, fringing and bundling are all covered in this fun course where the tailor tack foot is the star of the show.

Creative Sewing – The BERNINA chain stitch is all you’ll want to learn in this class that also covers applique, sewing on a button and mock hand quilting.

Decorative Stitch Clinic – What are these decorative stitches and how do I use them? Well, this is the class where you learn how to use them and play with that Stitch Designer feature included in your machine.


Embroidery Track

Quilting in the Hoop – Finish your quilt top with beautiful pre-designed quilting patterns. We’ll cover the basics of marking, hooping, stabilizer and pin-point placement in this class.


Applique in the Hoop – We’ll stitch out a pre-programmed applique design on a painter’s canvas. You'll love how easy it is to make artwork for your sewing room.

Embellishing Ready to Wear – Bring in your own plain garment to embellish in this class that covers hooping obstacles and careful stabilizer planning.


Embroidered Patches – Merit badges aren’t just for the girl scouts! You’ll love making your own for any occasion.


Intro to Your Embroidery Machine – In this class you learn the basics of operating your embroidery machine, maintaining it and troubleshooting.


Precision Hooping – Pinpoint placement, templates, and anchor points are explored in this hands-on and one-hour lecture/demo class.


Oops My Thread Broke! – Yep, it happens, let’s go through the steps to ensure no one ever notices where it broke.

Quilting Track

Intro to your Q Series – In this class you will learn the basics of operating your longarm quilting machine, maintaining it and troubleshooting. 


Q 24 Longarm Machine Rental Certification Class - This class is free to Q 24 and Q 20 Frame system owners. This class covers everything you need to learn to load and hand-guide quilt your own project.


Perfect ¼” Seams – You don’t need the top-of-line machine to achieve perfection. You’ll learn how to create a seam gauge, that a ¼” is a quarter of an inch and play with some tools of the trade to achieve precise narrow seams for patchworking.


Overlocker Track

Rolled Hems – We’re making napkins and ribbon.


Overlocker Introduction – Learn the basics of operating your overlocker machine, maintaining it and troubleshooting.

Threading the b44:

Cover and Chain Stitch – Bring in a t-shirt to hem for this hands-on class.



Software Track

BERNINA Artlink and Design Transfer: Looking at all of the amazing embroidery designs from Scissor Tail Stitches and Embroidery Online? Have you seen the design CD's in our store and want to know how to get them out of the package and into your embroidery machine? Look no further. In this class you will learn how to download the FREE BERNINA ArtLink software and send a design from your computer to the machine via USB and Direct transfer.

BERNINA Embroidery Software V8.2 Introduction – Learn the basic tools to open a design, import an image, access the additional applications (Quilter and Cross Stitch Maker), create a basic original design and edit a design.


BERNINA DesignWorks – Basic intro class to learn all of the modules available in the BERNINA DesignWorks software.

  • CutWork
  • PaintWork
  • CrystalWork


Q-matic – Learn how to import a design, line it up, adjust the position and size and stitch it out!

Easy Q-matic Demo:

Easy Custom Quilt:

BERNINA Embroidery Software Designing Your Own Quilting motifs – There’s a fantastic magic wand tool in this software that will make your hand-drawn doodles come to life on your quilt.


BERNINA Embroidery Software Photosnap and Photostitch – Commemorate a special occasion or memory or use for artsy exploration in fiber embellishment.


BERNINA Embroidery Software Creative Applique – Using your BERNINA Embroidery Software 8.2, you will create a simple and multi-layered applique design ready to embroider.


BERNINA Embroidery Software Fancy Editing – Use a simple element from a pre-existing design to make wreaths, kaleidoscopes and other awesome arrangements.

Stumpwork Embroidery: Some tools in the BERNINA Embroidery Software 8 (and version 7) are like a magic trick. The Stumpwork feature is one of them. In this class, you will see a demonstration of the software, work along and then stitch out  a leaf.

Couching in Embroidery: Use your BERNINA #43 free-motion couching foot when you embroider. You will need to have the BERNINA Embroidery Software 8.2 to make your own designs. This class covers designing a couching project and stitching it out.


Ligatures – We’re building out inspiring messaging using a variety of interconnecting fonts and filigrees using the following BERNINA Software Programs.


BERNINA Embroidery Software Logo Logistics – Have you always wanted to commemorate your own personal brand, business logo or other applications? In this class we will auto-digitize, use the shape maker and play with TrueType fonts.