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  • BERNINA stitchprecision²
  • BERNINA Pinpoint Laser
  • 4-Point Placement with Morphing
  • BERNINA Stitchout App
  • Customizable Quilt Designs

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B 790 PRO

Precise like a PRO!

  • Next-generation stitch precision
  • Even faster embroidery
  • Superior stitch quality

The B 790 PRO features the next-generation BERNINA stitchprecision2 Technology that makes your sewing, quilting, and embroidery experience quieter, more precise, and joyful. Swiss innovations allow superior stitch quality and up to 33% higher SDT embroidery speed.

Pinpoint Laser

  • Works in every needle position
  • Indicates the exact needle entry point
  • Next generation precision
Enjoy pinpoint precision by seeing exactly where the needle will enter the fabric in every needle position. The BERNINA Pinpoint Laser marks your start and travel points as you sew and embroider.

Thread the needle automatically

  • You are ready for sewing in a breeze
  • Simply push a button
  • Watch the machine thread the needle

The Automatic Needle Threader helps you get started with a different thread. From a needle size of 70, the upper thread can be automatically threaded into standard sewing needles and embroidery needles. Conveniently and quickly, every time!

Place your designs to suit your project

  • Define four points on the fabric
  • Place the design proportionally
  • Or morph to fit within the boundary
With the new 4-Point Placement, your embroidery or quilting design positioning is extremely easy and precise. This new function allows you to place your designs to suit your project precisely. Simply define four points on the fabric in the hoop, and the design is placed proportionally or can be morphed to fit the created boundary.

Monitor your embroidery on your smartphone

  • With the BERNINA Stitchout App
  • Real-time status updates remotely
  • Transfer designs from or to your V9 software
Since WiFi is enabled on the B 790 PRO, you can transfer designs from your BERNINA Embroidery Software 9 (optional) directly to the machine or vice versa. And thanks to the new BERNINA Stitchout App, the embroidery process can be monitored on your smartphone remotely. The in-app notifications and real-time status updates will make your embroidery more flexible.


Gayle from BERNINA of Naperville shows you everything the new BERNINA Top of Line machine comes with and more!

BERNINA Sewing, Quilting, Overlocking, and Embroidery

Don't take our word for it. Try one of our classroom machines and experience sewing on a BERNINA. Fair warning, you'll never want to sew on anything else.

BERNINA Sewing, Quilting, Overlocking, and Embroidery
BERNINA Sewing, Quilting, Overlocking, and Embroidery

bernette Sewing, Quilting, Overlocking and Embroidery

Attractively priced, robust and easy to use, BERNINA of Naperville includes all bernettes in our education program and has a classroom equipped with select models for to use during class.

bernette Sewing, Quilting, Overlocking and Embroidery
bernette Sewing, Quilting, Overlocking and Embroidery