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My BERNINA (of Naperville) Love Story

Hi there, It's me... Camilla Barker Bowles. You may have wondered where I've been and why it has been so long since I've pontificated my thoughts into a blog post. Well... There's a lot on my mind and it has taken several months for me to organize my thoughts.   
As some of you know that subscribe to the store's YouTube Channel, Mom has asked for you to share your BERNINA Love story and she will share them with our BERNINA of Naperville Community. In case you were curious, I have a BERNINA Love Story too, but mine is a little bit different.
It all started in March of 2018 when I met Mom for the first time. She was all dressed up with stinky perfume and everything. I was just playing with my friends at my compartment and the people told me that I had a visitor. Well, I went home with her straight away and was spoiled by her and her friends.
I met The Chris shortly after and I really liked him. He gave me belly rubs, let me chew on his hand and even snuck me bits of gourmet human food when Mom wasn't looking.
Mom snuck me into the BERNINA Corporate headquarters in her British Carpet bag when I was only 12 pounds (haha, imagine that, right?) I met Philipp, Matt, Amy, Alice and Bob. Just when Hayley and Jordan came into to see me I started making Pterodactyl noises so I had to leave.
Now, all of this would be some pup's ideal life already, but it wasn't until Mom opened BERNINA of Naperville that I got to have the real fun! I started modeling product for the store, I got the job of greeting customers when they went into the human pooping room and even got the responsibility of writing the store blog. Mom, to this day actually thinks that the customers come to buy stuff, but we really know why they visit, right (wink wink)?
What I am really trying to say, is that I have had an amazing Bulldog life. Despite my RBF, I am a happy dog. Highlights of being a "Shop Dog" include getting my Gnome from Lori, a crackle toy from Ann and my EVERYDAY TREATS from our UPS driver, MIKE. Can you believe how lucky I am to get a milk bone (or two) everytime Mom gets a delivery. You know I tried to make sure she orders something everyday so I can get my treat. I also cry to go out to pee, then rush in to get my yogurt drop only to squawk again to go out for a poo and ultimately more treats; catch my drift?
Now, I need to be completely transparent with you; I am a pretty sick pup. I have a condition called pulminary stenosis. It is when the valves of the heart push the blood into the right side of my heart at full force. Kind of like when you squeeze a hose-pipe (garden hose as you non-Brits call them). This means over time, severe damage is caused to my heart. Eventually, I will have to cross the rainbow bridge. Mom says its way too soon and that I am too young for that to happen, but I'm afraid the time has come today. She will miss me, when I am gone. I am most worried about her. She says I am her little side kick and money maker. I mean with me gone, will customers come to the store to buy things? I guess I can't worry about that now. 
I will miss all of you. Amy, Kaylin, John (who also takes me to poo), Cyndi, Lynda and all of our customers who love on me. I will miss my human friends from early on; Melissa, Darren, Amy, Alice, Adam and Stephanie and even my reluctant canine acquaintance, Sheldon. I am not quite 4 years old, but The Chris said that I brought more joy and love to people, (even strangers who only know me by my noisy video appearances), than some dogs do in 14 years. Here's to the best 3 years, 11 months and 3 days an English Bulldog has ever had. I've asked Mom to please continue the blog in my honour and write as if I am speaking to her from Doggie Heaven (I hope there's a doggie heaven because I'm counting on being able to play with some famous pups and kitties up there).

All my Love and Affection,