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Virtual Learning and a Tornado

Hello All,

Camilla Barker Bowles reporting on DAY ONE of Virtual BERNINA University (VBU). Now to give you a little bit of background, normally there is only regular BERNINA University which I spend for no less than 14 days at Boarding School because the BERNINA University Hotels do not allow pets, even refined English Bull Dogs (like me). Instead, I get to roll in the dirt with my canine friends at day care. Yay me!

 As Mom will say, BERNINA University (BU) is where BERNINA of America launches new products like sewing, overlocker, quilting, and embroidery machines and other products. It's also a place to socialize with other people like her, drinking, eating very little and occasional karaoke. Well boo to not eating and if karaoke is anything like when she sings to me on the treadclimber, no thank you!

But this is not about me, it's about you. It's about what you want to know about new stuff, right? Well, I will try to explain the best I can what I saw today.

  The highlight of the day was seeing that me, Camilla, was featured in a presentation. That's right, Michaelynn featured me on the big screen in my human muzzle. I didin't really catch anything about what she was saying, but I had an opportunity to snap this photo really quick.

Fine! You're waiting to hear about the new stuff. I get it! So, there's been a lot of talk about the new L 850 (Mom posted a video about it, and launched the pre-order campaign) but did you know there's another Overlocker? The L 890? Yep. watch this video. You will be blown away:

I'm not totally into the idea of Longarms (you know with short arms the term seems a bit elitist), but Mom says some of you BERNINA aurora owners may want to find a buddy for your sewing room at a great price. The Q 16 is an affordable option and a space-saving solution for those of you looking to expand your quilting talents:

OK fine, if sewing knits with the greatest of ease and the miniature pony of quilting isn't your bag, baby, then you may love the peacock inspired B 790 PLUS Special Edition. It's everything great about the B 790 PLUS (pin point placement, color wheel, stitch designer, multi-directional stitching) with a purple haze faceplate, matching luggage and another machine. I. Am. Not. Joking! You get a FREE BERNINA 480 with a purple pizzazz faceplate to match the B 790 PLUS and a walking foot and ADDITIONAL luggage. Don't believe me? Watch the video:

Great, you don't want embroidery or an awesome machine with 10" to the right of the needle. The B 480 Special Edition comes with a walking foot, luggage and the metallic purple peacock inspired faceplate too:

Oh yeah, there was also some pretty bad weather sweeping through our neighborhood. Kiku actually had their tents blown away! Don't worry everyone is safe and I found the courage to take my regularly scheduled pee outside.

There's loads more to tell you tomorrow, so I will sign off for now. Want to know more about the things I've mentioned in this blog? Write Mom. She will strangle me if I give you her email, but she types faster than me, or call the store, 331-472-4231.

See You after VBU tomorrow,