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The Countdown Begins

Camilla Barker Bowles here. Mom is making me write this blog post because she thinks I'm bored. You see friends, last night I got in trouble for chewing on Mom's bra. I was just trying to reshape the cups, but it got blown way out of proportion! So now,  instead of catching up on my much-needed rest, I'm gonna have to function on a mere 20 hours tonight. It takes me a while to type.

Mom's pretty excited to purify her life. I have no idea what this means. I just hope I don't have to do it. She said with all of my drooling and pooping, we can't have nice things, until now... Laurastar ironing system will sanitize her clothes when they're ironed with this special Swiss Ironing system.  
She said she may even enjoy ironing. She's been talking about this since she and the Chris came back from vacation. She saw a demo somewhere in Jacksonville. Where's that? I don't know because I never get invited to go anywhere where an airplane is required. "Camilla's too fat to fly," is what I always am told...
Mom wanted me to tell you that the space has been painted, there are french doors going into the classroom, old style subway tile in the bathroom and plenty of outlets for all of the sewing machines and ironing systems.

Sometimes Mom just wants a sign to know that things are going the right way. Looks like she got one. This went up last week.

I almost forgot... She also wants everyone to know that BERNINA of Naperville is on Pinterest. Big whoof, I say. She says it's a great place to gather project ideas. By projects I hope she means Camilla Dresses. 

 Well, that's all for me, friends.  Hope you're brushing up on your sewing for pet skills.  Only 57 more days until our ribbon cutting ceremony.

Lick you later,