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Sewcialverted Distancing and Depriving Your Bulldog of Belly Rubs

Hi Friends,

It's me, Camilla Barker Bowles, the world's most loved shop dog and best behaved two-year-old English bulldog BERNINA of Naperville mascot the greater Chicagoland area has known.

 I think it's pretty obvious that I am a lazy premiere store blogger (Mom made me write that), but it's just that I have so many things to say that I get overwhelmed trying to put everything into a clear, concise thought. So, I take naps to try to find my voice. Mom calls this procrastinating.
I guess what I want to share with you today is a HUGE thank you to my sweet fans that continue to support Mom and the Chris' store through your online orders, curbside pick-ups and - hahaha - the ones who are dedicated enough to sit through Mom's live streams. Don't worry, she's getting better <<wink, wink>>.
This is a scary time for all of us. Everyday that I am at the store, I see less and less people. The ones I do see, stay far away from me. Mom explained that that is social distancing. I'm a dog, we as a species cannot grasp the aspect of staying off of each other - we know no boundaries, but Mom says it's important to prevent people from getting sick. She also says that the world is going to be very different from now on, not just less belly rubs for me, but the way we interact with others, the things we do for work, and the overall way that we live. She says this isn't just affecting Chicagoland, but all of the world including England (my motherland) and where my dear Tony Blair lives.

 As I write this, I'm reflecting on what I can do to try to help. Without thumbs, the tasks are a little limiting, but here it goes:

  • Make a skull cap for the Western Suburban Chicago Hospitals
  • Support your local businesses - they need it
  • Buy fabric from Mom's store, watch her videos and take advantage of her coupons and special offerings. I can tell you that she is working her hair extensions off getting things shipped straight away.
  • Get a new machine to make your face masks! BERNINA is allowing Mom to ship a machine direct to you. we even have machines totally capable of making everything starting around $120; call 331-472-4231 to learn more.
  • Order from your favorite restaurants and have date nights at home: DO NOT FORGET TO TREAT YOUR CANINE COMPANIONS
  • Spend time with your family, that means getting your head out of your mobiles
  • Be good to strangers 
  • Try not to be afraid of people wearing facemasks, they're not there to rob you, they are trying to stay away from your germs.
Finally, everyone out there, put you hand on your belly and give it a gentle rub. Doesn't that feel comforting? Oh, and wash your hands, don;t touch your face and stay home, BERNINA of Naperville is just on the other end of a phone or an internet connection.  


Love and prayers,