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Sew Many BERNINA Promotions, It takes a Bull Dog to Explain It

Camilla Barker Bowles here to seriously school you on why the time is now to buy a BERNINA Sewing, Serging or Quilting Machine. 

You all think that I just sit behind the glass and sleep all day, but I am really listening. What I am hearing is that you are making masks to save yourself and your friends and family and loved ones (not in that particular order) from harm of the COVID-19 virus. Well, your mask making is blowing out your SoB (Some other Brand) machines and you are frustrated. Mom is too shy to tell you, but she can help you. 
You are bored out of your minds at home and you are looking to start a new hobby. Something that you can teach your kids. Something that can help you protect your family. Something that can help you feel good about a job well done and something that you can keep for a long time, maybe even pass down from generation to generation. Once again, Mom's too shy to tell you how she can help.
Here's the deal friends, A BERNINA machine lasts a long time! Do you know that there are many BERNINA 830 Records from 1971 (that's even older than Mom and she is old) that run like the day they were made? How many other appliances do you have that have lasted almost 50 years?

So, how does this align with why now is the time to buy a BERNINA machine? BERNINA is practically giving them away! AND you want to sew. Let me lay it our for you:

  • 20% off BERNINA Sewing, Embroidery and Quilting machines now through April 30. No strings (or thread) attached. 
  • This 20% off applies to the B 215 Simply Red all the way up the line to the Holy Grail of Sewing and Embroidery machines - The BERNINA 880 PLUS. That machine is $3,100 OFF. If I had thumbs and a credit card, I'd buy one right now.
  • The 20% off applies to the BERNINA Q 20 and Q 24 Quilting machines on tables or Frames. Of course I can;t use one because they are for long arms and I have short arms, but that comes to $4,400 OFF - These prices are crazy! 
  • There's also a BERNINA Serger (overlocker to the Europeans and Brits like me and my friend Paul Ashworth) are on sale for a special price, plus they come with all of the feet and attachments. That's over $250 plus the fact that you are saving up to $400!
  • BERNINA of Naperville takes your trade-in sewing machine. And when you trade in your machine, Mom tries to get it working so that it can be an affordable option for someone who needs a sewing machine, stat!
  • We will ship to you, or you can opt to have curbside pick-up
  • Mom has Sewing Machine bags that look like they were made out of Tom Selleck's Magnum PI shirt
  • One last reason, we are friendly, knowledgeable, honest and could really use your business.

Even if you're not in the market for a new machine, consider picking up some pretty fabric for spring, some manly selections from The Quilting Cowboy's Pottery Collection, or thread and notions. Mom sells it all online at

Remember, we are all in this together and I will certainly be here waiting for belly rubs when the Shelter in Place order is lifted. Just wear a mask, wash your hands and stay home if you aren't feeling well.

Virtual Licks (from the comfort of my couch),