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Save the Date!

Hey, it's your favorite English Bulldog blogger here.  Only a few weeks until showtime at Mom's sewing store! If you didn't see my super-cute Instagram photos, I visited the shop this week and have some inside information for you.

There's no jumping on the tables! but I snuck a jump onto the very sturdy BERNINA Sewing Station cabinet to get an Instagram photo-opp. That thing can hold a B 770 QE and a 45 pound English Bulldog!

You are going to love the carpet; especially the white, fluffy one in the unicorn forest. Warning, you're not allowed to sleep on it, though. That pleasure is reserved just for yours truly. The classroom is like a HUGE kennel.  Mom had to put me in it when Atul and Bob from Captivating Signs came in to add the stickers on the doors. Oh, yea and I met the electrician, Lou, the landlady, Angela and her husband, David.  They all smelled like other dogs, but I left them some pretty ginger fur on their black pants when the left. Woof! 


Don't forget to SAVE THE DATE! No, this isn't a political cause or an attempt to stop date palm harvesting in Mesopotamia. I am asking you to reserve some dates in November, before you get carried away with the busy holiday shopping season.

Date #1: Thursday night, 4:30 sharp on November 14th is the BERNINA of Naperville ribbon cutting ceremony. Who's gonna be there with me? Mom told me not to give too much away but, Le Chocolat in downtown Naperville is providing some delicious sipping chocolate (of course I don't get any), a sewing project and a "super-cute" BERNINA of Naperville mug. Oh and some bubbly and strawberries (also things I can't have). I heard that the first fifty people are guaranteed the swag, but after that I am not sure... Guess you'd better be there early.


Date #2: Have you heard of a sew-a-thon? Me neither, but there's one starting at 10AM on Friday, November 15th. I never met my grandmother, Betty, but Mom says she was the most nicest mom ever! So, my mom decided to have a sew-a-thon to benefit other ladies, like Betty by making quilts to give to them while they rehabilitate at Alden of Waterford. I'd help, but I don't have thumbs. That means I need your help.

Date #3: First of all, some of you may know, I make a great English Unicorn Bulldog, but Mom is having the even cuter (if you can believe it) Wally and Tex, come out and spread their magic! Wally and Tex are real-life miniature unicorns. They'll be posing for photos, so bring your cash (they work for tips to benefit their charity, Angel Hooves Healing Hearts; a Non-profit therapy horse (unicorn) organization that spreads joy to those in need. This hullabaloo starts at 9am sharp with a unicorn workshop. Then at 11AM, Wally and Tex will make their appearance. They can only come out for an hour; Unicorns are delicate creatures, like me, I have allergies and a sensitive tummy... Mom says to stop complaining.

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Love and Licks,