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New theme, New year and a Two-Year-Old English Bulldog

Hey Y'all,

It's me, Camilla Barker Bowles, two years old and full of spit and vinegar. Well, actually Mom says I'm full of s*!t; literally.

  First of all, thank you for your birthday wishes. My second birthday was pretty amazing. I got cards and toys and lots of treats (Thanks, Bonnie). But, while I was trying to catch some beauty rest, Mom was busy turning the store around for our new theme... drumroll please...


Apparently,  a "rally" is an event where a bunch of nerds (excuse me, "enthusiasts") get together to show off the things they are enthusiastic about. In Mom's case, it's sewing machines. She has her own collection, but she wants to see yours.

She wants to see them so badly that she is offering up a contest to entice you to bring them in. If you haul it in, take a picture, or just tell us about your vintage sewing machine, Mom will enter you in a drawing where you could win FREE cleanings for life on the sewing machine of your choice.
The drawing is on May 1, so you have until April 30 to start barking about your treasure. I'd recommend that you look under your bed, comb Goodwill and ask your grandmother if she's got something laying around that Mom might like.
Another thing that I must say, I'm a little worried about is our "You Really Shouldn't Have" Promotion. Can you believe that you can get a lot of money off a new BERNINA, or Laurastar just by bringing in a present that you didn't want?
I'm hoping I can trade-in my stuffed taco toy that stopped squeaking for a BERNINA 880 PLUS. And if you're wondering, Mom really is looking for Polaroid cameras, Roombas, a new iPhone, cake pop maker, hair straightener, Chia Pets; basically things like that. But I dare you to bring in an Flowbee or a Snuggie - I'd love to see her face when THAT happens.


Please stop in the store. We have a lot going on. Tula Pink Fabric cut from the bolt and Tula Pink Fat 1/4's are 30% off, BERNINA's Accessory of the Month at 25% off is the Circular Embroidery Attachment (perfect for making your favorite English Bulldog a frisbee) and a bunch of stuff has red stickers for 50% off. There's also a montage of sewing through the decades styled in the Victorian Era, 1950s, 60's, eighties and Nineties. Oh, and Brett, from the seventies.


You said you needed some scraps, right? Just so you know, a pound of fabric is about 3.25 yards and Mom's selling our scraps for $10/pound.  Just fill up a plastic bag and we'll weigh it for you when you check out. 

I sure hope that I didn't forget anything. Oh wait... Yes I did. Use the Camilla's Coupon for 40% off one item of your choice.  You just can't use it on machines or irons. 

Lots of Licks,