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Let's Talk about our Adoption Shelter

A big WOOF to you!

I've been busy working on my beauty sleep, practicing jumping into the car all by myself and trying to hold my bowels through an entire night (don't ask how that's going). With that said, I haven't been blogging much lately. However, I have something very important on my mind...

A lot of you only know me as Camilla Barker Bowles, #shopdog, #princess, #bulldogofinstagram, but I didn't start out that way. I was a tiny puppy (the runt of my litter), destined for adoption with a grumpy RBF (resting bulldog face). When I was taken from my canine mom, I was scared. I didn't know what was going to happen to me. I was scared of leaving Indiana. I was afraid of leaving the wheat fields and farm house I knew and I didn't want to leave my brothers and sisters.
Thankfully, I wasn't scared for too long. I met this lady with long black hair in a Burberry coat who smelled like Chanel Mademoiselle and I knew I found by best bud. I turned on the charm when she came to see me like you wouldn't believe and she took me home and that's almost the end of the story... A year later I became a blogging bulldog, shopdog and every BERNINA owner's favorite fixture at BERNINA of Naperville.

So, I am happy to say that me, Camilla Barker Bowles, has been adopted. I am adopted. I am happy about it. I love my mom and the Chris and they love me (I know this because they never get too cross with me when I poop in the house). It feels good to be adopted and Mom says it feels good to take care of something you love; to play with it, give it lots of attention and make memories together.

Guess what? There's also sewing machine adoption (classy seg-way there, dontcha think?) Wouldn't you like to take home a previously loved classic sewing machine? Think of how much fun you could have with it. All of the new projects. Also you would be doing something good for the environment by recycling. AND MOM SAYS THEY WILL COST LESS IN UP-KEEP THAN AN ENGLISH BULLDOG PUPPY.

Take a look at these sweet little friends I've been hanging out with in the tech room - Oh yea, for every trade-in machine that's adopted, Mom's gonna donate $10 to


Embry is a sweet embroidery only machine who likes to work for long periods of time stitching on all kinds of materials while he watches you sew on your other machine. His birth name is B 700, but he answers to almost anything except "Oh S#!*"

SEE STORE for Adoption Fee

BB Loche

BB Loche is a Symphony. Approximately seven years old. She is best suited for a musical home where she can sew among the greats, Beethoven, Queen and Spiderman the Musical.

She is beige with gold trim and has an 8 1/2" throat space perfect for singing.

This girl has seven feet, an unsewer (seam ripper), extra bobbins, a needle threader and and is feature-rich for her age.

$799 Adoption Fee


Kitty (BERNINA 1080)

This precious mechanical BERNINA really purrs when she sews through multiple layers, quilts, pieces or... let's face it sews through anything. Nothing Sews Like A BERNINA was the company slogan back when this little gem was made and you'll still be saying that when you sew on her twenty some years later.

$999 Adoption Fee 


This little guy , the activa 145, was introduced at BERNINA University 2001 where 800 of his brothers and sisters were humming along in a room simultaneously. His unmatched penetration power was  blasting through rucksacks back then, all while only weighing about 18 pounds. He's had some work done recently, but is ready for any challenge that awaits him in 2020.

$699 Adoption Fee  


Like Beyonce, Cher, and Madonna some divas command only one name. The BERNINA 830 in her classic red case, beige complexion and sturdy interior, is THE FLAGSHIP BERNINA. Beloved by all, BERNINA is in M-I-N-T condition, barely used, serviced regularly, this star will not be released to just any home. She must go to a collector who can truly give her what she really wants... the best. Are you up for the challenge?

$899 Adoption Fee 

Vi King

Vi King is a real gem. She sparkles and shines and sews well for a girl who's almost seven. Husqvarna enthusiasts unite to pick this little sapphire up while she's still here.

$999 Adoption Fee 

Jay Gnomey

Meet Jay Gnomey. He's four years old and small for his age Trimmed in blue and loves the color red, he makes a great addition for a new sewist looking to make some simple home projects and quilts. 

Jay is a special National Quilt Museum edition. He was purchased as a gift, but came to us after his companion fell in love with a newer model.

$499 Adoption Fee 


Ken Moore

At 15 years old, Ken is the oldest resident in our shelter. Although he plays well with others, he needs to spend more time with because his timing has been off lately.

He is available for adoption as is, but is best suited for a home with an experienced sewing machine technician.

$50 Adoption Fee

Lots to do and little time to do in in.

Licks to you,