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The President is Coming (and I'm in the bulldog house)

Hi Friends,

Camilla Barker Bowles here again. Well, I did it. I messed up. Just wondering if any of the rest of you would have made the same mistake...

Last night Mom was sewing her "fake" unicorn cake (don't even ask) and I was feeling peckish (and bored). Some of you might know that I am a bit partial to chilling out in the unicorn forest, anyway, this little sign fell off one of the Tula Pink Pink Special Edition machines (CURRENTLY IN STOCK AT BERNINA OF NAPERVILLE) and it said "Magically Sewlicious." 
So, I thought I would give it a try. Tasted pretty OK. Not a lot of spice like I like it. MOM was angry! She said that "sewlicious" is not the same as "delicious" and then made me sleep in the Q Series area where she could keep an eye on me. She said if I ate anything else in the store, she would send me to the glue factory. Since I am not 100% on board with sewing, I sure as sh*t don't want to have anything to do with making glue!

I still don't know what Sewlicious means, but I am guessing that it means you can't lick it. 

Don't forget that the Grand Opening celebrations start on Thursday! I'm going to meet a fellow Brit.  Paul Ashworth, President and CEO of BERNINA is going to be at our Ribbon Cuttin Ceremony. Mom said I need to control my liquor, but I heard Paul used to work in the spirits industry. I figure, he will like it.  

Writing from the dog house,