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Thank You BERNINA - Here's to a New Beginning

Hi Everyone,

It's me, Camilla. I wanted to take a moment to talk to you about Mom. She says today is "Bitter Sweet" and she seems a little sad. I'm not sure why. Bitter taste good and so does sweet, but she says it really has nothing to do with food. I can't imagine that. 

She says today is her last day! This sounds terrible. Last day for what? Is she sick? Hang on...

  The Chris told me to stop typing because I'm bringing this "conversation down." He has also informed me that it is Mom's last day of work at the BERNINA corporate office. Whew, that's a relief. Who was going to feed me and clean my wrinkles?

I can tell you that she loved that job.I loved it too because when she would go out of town, she would take me to boarding school where I got to run with my other four-legged friends and see my boo, Allyssa.

Anyway, the Chris wants to make sure you know is that Mom is so passionate about opening BERNINA of Naperville, she left a job she loved to do so. She got to do a lot of funny things throughout a whole ten years at BERNINA. She met George Oliphant from George to the rescue, childhood fashion icon, Linda Gray,  fashion genius, Daniel Esqivel, cosplay queen, Yaya Han and the owner of BERNINA, H.P. (I hope that stands for Harry Potter, Ueltschi! 


(Above) Linda Gray made Sue Ellen Ewing a houshold name. (Below) HansPeter Ueltschi, owner of BERNINA

 Even me, Camilla got to meet Philipp Ueltshi (he smells like Swiss chocolate) from Laurastar and Eversewn fame.

Mom told me A LOT that the job wasn't about meeting famous people, it was about helping the country learn about the BERNINA sewing products, telling people about sales and helping people be more creative. Well, it sounds like she's still going to be doing that at the "new store."

Ooh, Mom's awake. She wants to personally thank Amy Sherfinski for an exciting 7-year adventure, Bob Lambert for the many rescues, Matt Brown for being such a good listener and Gavin Corrigan for keeping Koi fish from extinction.

So, sign up for the newsletter, the website is going to have a lot more features soon and mark your calendar for November 14 - 17. I'm not allowed to go into detail yet, but it's gonna be HUGE!

Bowl's got food in it - Lots of licks,