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BERNINA of Naperville Coming Soon!


Camilla Barker Bowles here. Mom is busy getting this sewing store off the ground, so she put me to work as her premier blog post writer. I tilted my head and blinked – that’s my way of trying to ask her where I should start, but Mom interpreted it as insubordination (apparently). She said, “Camilla, I am tired of you just laying around the house all day, eating your expensive food and pooping where you want. It’s time to earn your keep!” Well, here it goes. Sorry about any typos, I don’t have thumbs and it’s difficult to type on these tiny keys.

 I will be completely honest with you; I am not sure what I think about this sewing store business. I am afraid it will take away from Mommy and me time. I mean she hasn’t made me a single new outfit since she and the Chris made the decision to open the store. It seems ridiculous since everyday boxes and boxes of super cute fabric and patterns show up at the house. Wednesday night, Amy (who is going to be the store manager) and Melissa (my best bud) showed up and they were making lots of beautiful floral Unicorn horns. I was poised and ready for a photoshoot staring in the BERNINA of Naperville ad. But guys, those Unicorn head dresses weren’t for me. They were for some other pet named Unicorn Christmas. Who is this?
Another reason why I am skeptical of this store business is because there has been lots of talk of longarm quilting between the Chris and Mom. I mean for sure they are not talking about me, because I, Camilla Barker Bowles am an English bulldog and we as a species are known for our exceptionally adorable short arms. Am I being forgotten for a taller breed? I hear Greyhounds have long legs and Mom has some greyhounds in hula skirt knit fabric ready to sell in the basement; should I be worried?
Amy, the fun specialist, not to be confused with the store manager, came over to pick out fabric for a quilt called “dogs in sweaters.” So far, I have received no sweater, nor have I seen other dogs in sweaters. Please advise.

Finally, what was once my little haven of tranquility has now been placed next to sewing machine central. The BERNINA 880 PLUS is embroidering mermaids, quilts and all other sorts of things that I have yet to wear. I am eager to give this machine a try. Mom raves about it all of the time. She’s so happy to finally have pinpoint placement; whatever that is. I’m worried that this machine is taking away from Mom’s sleep. I mean she’s getting less than 8 hours a night. And even me, I am only able to function on a mere 19 hours instead of my usual 22.


You’re probably tired of my complaining so I’ll sign off for now. Oh, but the one thing Mom wanted me to make sure she told you is that the store is set to open November 1, with a HUGE grand opening celebration on Saturday, November 16. You’re supposed to sign-up at for the BERNINA of Naperville mailing list to get the full details. Can you please sign up for me? Otherwise I may loose my job as head blogger.

Kisses and Licks,