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An English Bulldog, A Global Pandemic and Virtual BERNINA University

Hi Friends,

It's me, your favourite English Bulldog and Shop Dog, Camilla Barker Bowles. You've probably been wondering where I've been, what I've been doing and if I'm getting enough treats. 
You'll be comforted to know that I've been chilling (literally) in the tech room with The Chris and John, picking up some new terms like "what the hell is that?" and "When was the last time they changed their needle?" I also am trying my paw at screw retrieval but I have a difficult time discerning screws from rocks so I just eat both.
You will be shocked to know that I have been getting only a small  ration of my favourite treat, Puppy Kisses. I eat them way too fast; sometimes so fast that I almost choke!
It's probably time to address the reason why I haven't written much lately. It was April 20 the last time the creative writing juices started flowing. I think I have COVID ennui. Pandemic Malaise, some might call it. I mean I try to hold my head up and motivate myself to do some puppy stretches, but I can't even; as Mom says.
First of all I think April had about 139 days, and May didn't seam much better. I got a little excited in June when I found out that my friends were starting to come back to the store, but I just get shoved in the back room all day. So it's hard for an extrovert like me to be inspired without the interaction of belly rubs, head pets and random games of fetch with strangers.


I'm thankful to my friends Hayley and Philipp for visiting me and for all of you who ask if I can come out to play. Also, for those of you that are the first to arrive at the store, I'm sorry for licking you before a proper introduction. Much like Mom, I can't control my licker. Also, bare legs are like Bulldog-nip to me. So enter at your own risk.

  Additionally, when I do get out, I'm confused. Everyone has muzzles on and I can't tell if you're friendly or not. I mean, what have you humans done? Whatever it is, I don't think I've been doing it. I mean the only human muzzle I got was when Mom gave me a treat and told me to wear one for a minute. I must have done a good job because she laughed and gave me an extra puppy kiss.

There have been some highlights in the past couple of months. I made my YouTube debut in some of Mom's tutorials. See my collected works below:

     OH< WAIT... I hope you're still reading. Mom wants me to tell you that BERNINA of Naperville will be closed to the public Monday, August 10 - Wednesday, August 12 while they participate in Virtual BERNINA University. Apparantly it's just like regular BERNINA University only I don't have to go to boarding school for a week. She says on Thursday, she will make a BIG announcement about all of the new products from BERNINA. Don't worry, I have promised to give you daily updates from the inside. 

    OK... That's all for now. Signing off with a smile



    Licks and Love,