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Stopping Inertia: The Inertia Chroncicles

Stopping Inertia: The Inertia Chroncicles


When a baby is born a complete surprise to her parents, particularly her father, who is only days away from retirement, Henderson and Rebecca Sampson do the bare minimum to care for their daughter. Their lack of safety precautions sends the baby flying from their car when her father swerves to miss the family cat.

Found in the woods by a beautiful recluse, Grace, who has a tortured past and an unrequited secret, the baby is named Inertia, and Grace cares for her as if she is her own, aided by a friend, Betty Anne.

Twenty years later, only weeks away from her college graduation, Inertia receives a call from "Aunt Betty" informing her that Grace's life rests on Inertia's shoulders. Sifting though her mother's past, she finds an old journal detailing Grace's intense romantic affair with a thieving gypsy performer named Reynaldo, which resulted in an extraordinary curse that continues to threaten her. Inertia must quickly save her mother and all of those around her, including Gina, Inertia's new best friend.

Set against the backdrop of Saddle Mountain, Stopping Inertia takes us on a journey through the past and into the world of gypsies, circus performers, and unanswered love. It values the bounds of friendship and questions our perception of true love and true parentage.