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Faux Chenille

Faux Chenille


This easy to stitch out design, is intended to make one 7" Chenille Square. 


Instructions for stitching out:

  • Layer 8-12 layers of loosely woven fabric like guaze or rayon
  • Hoop one layer of Polymesh Stabilizer in the BERNINA Maxi Hoop (Design can be enlarged to 9" on BERNINA 8 Series with the Jumbo Hoop)
  • Stitch out color #1: This is the placement line for your base fabric
  • Stitch out color #2: This will stitch down your base fabric
  • Place your multiple layers of fabric, then Stitch color #3
  • Stitch out color #4
  • Use a slash cutter to cut between each line and fluff with a brush.