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It's only fitting that garment expert, Nancy Bednar (Gayle likes to call her, "The Serger Queen of the Up Over") will show off the new BERNINA L 890 Overlocker/Coverstitch machine. Nancy is full of ideas and inspiration. You will be in awe of what she has created with an overlocker. She brought tons of samples which she shares with us and even demonstrates how she creates chain stitch quilting, double rolled hems and a zippered pouch.

Tune in to be blown away!

Premiers Sunday, October 4 at 6PM (CDT) on the BERNINA of Naperville YouTube Channel.

Nancy Bednar is a sewing educator, freelance instructor and author.  A passionate sewer since elementary school, she has explored and enjoyed many creative and practical aspects of sewing; from garment and home dec projects to bridal, special occasion sewing and a love affair with the serger.  She has trained both Bernina dealers and consumers alike on all aspects of sewing with a special emphasis on garment stitching and creative machine techniques using both the sewing machine and serger. 

Nancy was a regular contributor to Sewing and Serger Update Newsletters as well being published in Sew News and the Bernina publication, Through The Needle.  Her published books include, Creative Serging, Innovative Applications to Get the Most from Your Serger, as well as The Encyclopedia of Sewing Machine Techniques and Silk Ribbon Machine Embroidery.  A native Midwesterner, Nancy creates in her studio outside metro Chicago with her faithful canine advisor.  Always looking for a creative challenge, the best part of her job is helping others discover the creativity that lies within them. 

For more information about Nancy, visit her website, sign-up for her mailing list and purchase her original serger patterns. Be patient, her website is brand new  and she's still loading content.


EPISODE 3: Philipp Ueltschi

Meet Philipp Ueltschi, a member of the 5th generation of BERNINA, son of "the Rock Star of Sewing," President of Crown and Laurastar US, Fisherman, Bee Keeper and overall charming man. 

Gayle from BERNINA of Naperville and Philipp have a great chat about growing up Ueltschi. A naturally inquisitive engineer, Philipp would have been born to do exactly what he's doing in spite of his famous Swiss family name. Beneath his good looks and Swiss wit, there's a brilliant mind and passion for the next generation sewist.

Philipp gives us a demonstration of the state-of-the-art Laurastar Irons, and explains how he was able to get the purification steam capabilities certified in killing the COVID-19 virus. 

You won't want to miss this episode. It's the best way to Celebrate Swiss National Day since paper lanterns, parades and bonfires. 

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With Camilla Barker Bowles and Gayle Schliemann 2018

With his sister, Katharina and Father, Hanspeter, 2017

EPISODE 2: The Egg Sisters

Their names are Courtney and Dana. They are two sisters from Chicago, IL who enjoy making creature-type costumes with an emphasis on SFX, prop work, armor building, and costume design. They bring their builds to life through the use of diverse materials, intricate detail work, and a whole lot of trial and error. They approach each project as an opportunity to try out new tools and learn new techniques. Read the article about them published in the Chicago Tribune.

During our Talk Sew Episode, Courtney and Dana will give us a tour of their monster shop and show and tell us about some of their out of this world work. They may even school Gayle of some prop making techniques. 

Courtney and Dana are also BERNINA Ambassadors and sew on a B 435 Sewing Machine. 

Learn more about the making of Zandalari Troll (Pictured on the top right). We particularly like the DIY Monster Teeth Instruction

Pictured on the bottom right, is Vicar Amelia from Bloodborne. It required, stilts, lots of fur, teeth and things we can't even describe!

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EPISODE 1: Catherine Redford

Join us for our first episode of Tea Time featuring nationally known quilt teacher, speaker, author and fiber artist, Catherine Redford.

Catherine will show Gayle (who claims to be allergic to hand work) how to English paper piece. You will also get to know a little bit more about Catherine and how this proper English Lady made it across the pond to the US.


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Learn more about Catherine Redford:



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