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JAYE BIRD: Jayes Bouquet-Mint

JAYE BIRD: Jayes Bouquet-Mint



"Little Love, I hummed this silly song I came up with when you were born, Jaye Bird sitting on my shoulder.... I love that you giggle at your momma when I sing it to you now. Your Dad and I knew you were meant to have a name that related to a bird because we wanted you to fly to places that you could never imagine. Your name in Sanskrit means VICTORY and that suits your little five-year-old self so well. Always so brave, fearless, caring, and most important, happy.

Jaye Bird, I hope the images on this fabric remind you never to quit when life is not so victorious and know that you make ordinary days extraordinary! May you always know that you can sit on my shoulder and I will lift you up to fly through life courageously.

Each print in this collection has a secret meaning. The birds are literal interpretations of my sweet girl's name and all the flowers in the line are from a wedding when she was a flower girl. I, of course, had to incorporate my hand lettering and I left a few blank spaces so you, the maker, can interact with the fabric. Write your own inspiring words and fill in someone's name that makes your life extraordinary. I carefully planned the fabric so you can hand embroider over the writing to highlight the words that speak to you. This whimsically colored collection is sure to spark your creativity, and I encourage you to incorporate my favorite?Artisan Cottons?from Windham. I truly hope your Jaye Bird projects make you and your loved ones smile!"??~Kori-Turner Goodhart (Mom)

Online fabric is sold in one yard increments and cut to length according to the quantity specified