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Cosplay Series:: From Imagination to Fruition

Cosplay Series:: From Imagination to Fruition


THIS IS A HANDS-ON Demonstration> Do not sign up if you are not near driving distance to Naperville, Illinois.

The process of building a cosplay starts long before the sewing begins. If you have simply wondered, where do you come up with this? Or I see it in my mind, but how?!? I can’t draw, how do I do it?

Meet Anna, our resident Cosplayer. Although Gayle and Chris have both dabbled in this artform, Anna takes it to a new level of creativity. You will love meeting and learning from her. 
This class is all about curating, researching, and designing both original characters and pre-existing characters. Anna will use their personal journey of making their Fire Lord Azula, inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender and Barbara from Genshin Impact.