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Q 24 Longarm Machine Rental

We offer Q 24 Longarm machine rental to help you finish your quilts.


Training Requirements:

When you schedule your rental time, there will be a fully trained BERNINA Q Series expert there to help you. However, you will need to complete the following classes in order to schedule time on the machine. 

Q 24 certification: $30

Complete the Q 24 Longarm certification class in order to rent our longarm machine. This class covers the basics of longarm quilting from loading the quilt to, what to do when the thread breaks, re-loading a quilt and adjusting the thread tension. The certification class does not include use of Q-matic. 

Q-matic certification: $15

Complete the Q-matic owner's class in order to be certified on using our BERNINA Q-matic automation system.



Refundable $35 Zipper Leader Fee

Sometimes a project takes longer to finish than you anticipate. For a deposit of $35 you can remove and load your project multiple times. Once your project is finished, you can return the zippered leaders to receive your deposit, or you can keep them and use them for future projects.

$45 for the first two hours. $15 for each additional hour. Minimum 2 hour rental.

Full Day session (7 hours) is $95.